Delta Secondary Suite Program

Normally we can upgrade your suite to meet Delta's requirements in about one week or less, with minimal disruption to your tenant. The suite can usually remain occupied for the duration of the project.

An upgraded secondary suite makes your home safer and improves resale value.

Laneway Homes

How do I know if I can build a laneway home on my property?
If your lot is in a RS-1 or RS-5 single family zone and 33 feet or wider then you are already looking pretty good, there might be the rare exception but those are the two big ones. If you’re not too sure of what your property is zoned for, don’t worry, the city of Vancouver has an easy to use map that will help you out or you can dial #311.

How big can my laneway home be?
There are many things that go into determining the size and footprint of your new laneway home. For the footprint of the new laneway home you need to follow a few rules. Firstly, the home may take up no more room than is allowed for the garage and it must be a minimum of 16ft from the main home. When determining the square footage for the laneway home a rough rule of thumb is take the area of your lot and multiply it by 0.125 and you will get the maximum allotted square footage, meaning a standard Vancouver lot of 33’ X 122’ will get you a maximum 500sqft space. Each property is different however so it is best to contact us to help you determine accurate numbers for your property.

How many storeys can my Vancouver laneway home be?
Your new laneway home can be one and a half storeys high. This means that the top floor of the home can only account for a maximum of 60% of the base footprint of the home. This is done to protect the impact on the surrounding neighbors while still allowing for more housing in Vancouver.